How to make your iPhone's TouchID sensor work better

Posted by David The Expert on: Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Clean it. A lot.

I was so frustrated at first. I tried retraining my thumb over and over. I tried adding 5 different fingers and using each of them. It always worked very poorly. I always wound up entering my unlock code every time I took out my iPhone. But then I found the answer....

Wipe the TouchID sensor. Wipe it really well, and do it often. Every time I clean off the sensor with my shirt tail, it works beautifully. Every time. It works perfectly. I don't know if my fingers are just more oily than the average person's or what, but I basically have to clean my TouchID every day. It's annoying and I hope Apple will account for this in future versions of the iPhone, but for now.... carry a cleaning cloth, or just wipe it off with your shirt. It is scratch-proof sapphire, after all.

David The Expert

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