One of the few things about Video Games that has not changed in decades

Posted by David The Expert on: Friday, April 13, 2012
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In-Store Video Game Displays!

As a kid, my favorite part of going shopping was getting to see the new video game consoles on display in the electronic stores. The earliest one I can remember was a big television set at Best Buy with a SNES hooked up, and Yoshi's Island on the screen. Later on, my first glimpse of Zelda Ocarina of Time was at another electronics store which an N64 set up on another large TV. There was a huge line of kids waiting to play it, but it was amazing just to watch it and see the stunning graphics (at the time) in motion.
in-store video game displays have not changed much over the years

In-Store video game displays have remained much the same as they ever were

Today, those in-store video game displays have not changed much. They're still set up prominently in the middle of the video game section at most electronics stores, or stores like Wal-Mart and Target. They still have those rigid plastic things connected to the controllers to keep people form walking off with them, and they still mount the displays way too high so you have to crane your neck up to play. I suspect this is intentional, so that you can't stand there playing all day long once the neck strain becomes too intense.

They're still a great way to kill time while shopping. If you're shopping with someone else and they're taking their time looking for whatever it is they're shopping for, why not head on over to the electronics department and play a bit of Xbox, in just the same way you would have played the SNES 20 years ago.

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