Banning Sugary Drinks is a Terrible Idea

Posted by David The Expert on: Thursday, May 31, 2012
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If Mayor Bloomberg successfully bans large sugary drinks in New York City, there will be a tremendous amount of backlash from his constituents.

At some point, we've all bought a bottle of soda from a vendor or a restaurant because we were thirsty. But then you drink about half and your thirst is quenched. Why do we keep drinking it until it's empty? Because it's there. We hold on to it until it's empty. To throw it out would be a waste of money, so we may as well finish drinking it. I see Mayor Bloomberg's point here. By banning large soft drinks, you remove that temptation. It would almost certainly decrease the rate of obesity in the city. But as Americans, the idea of having someone take away our choices is downright offensive.

Bloomberg soda

Mayor Bloomberg presents some large soda containers

Voters and a Soda Ban

Healthy drinks and bottled water are ever more popular in New York, but there is still a massive portion of people who cling to their sugary drinks. They're tasty, refreshing, cheap, and are really not that unhealthy when consumed in moderation. All of these people, potential voters, who enjoy walking down the street with a bottle of Coke, will be outraged if they are limited to small bottles or cans. Cans are less convenient, and small bottles may not quench one's thirst on a hot summer day.


Let's not forget about the vendors who sell these soda bottles. Street vendors make a huge portion of their livings by gauging tourists with expensive drinks. The ban would even affect restaurants, like the small food shops lining New York's streets. Most of these businesses have razor-thin profit margins, and reducing their ability to sell soft drinks would be devestating.

Bloomberg's Reign

Michael Bloomberg is a fairly skilled politician. Becoming the mayor of New York City is no small feat. So his decision to ban large soft drinks seems quite rash and unwise. It may be good to look out for the health of New Yorkers, but this comes at the cost of taking a way a simple pleasure of many people. When you threaten to take away a person's choice, you risk losing votes.

Smoking Ban

New York already has very strict laws when it comes to smoking. But I believe that this is a very different issue. Smoking is not only harmful to the smoker, but to the people around them as well. Especially to children. Soft drinks are only unhealthy to the person drinking them, and even then they are not nearly as dangerous as smoking.

Sugary soft drinks and fatty fast food are simply a symptom of a much larger problem in America. Removing access to one of these items will not solve the problem of obesity overnight.

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