Double NASA's Budget to Save America

Posted by David The Expert on: Tuesday, April 3, 2012
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Supporting NASA will create new jobs, create new advanced technology, and give hope to children.

   Neil deGrasse Tyson recently pointed out to a Senate Committee that NASA's funding boils down to roughly half a cent on the average taxpayer's dollar. Out of the hundreds or thousands of dollars in federal taxes we each pay each year, only half a cent of that goes towards NASA's budget. Dr. Tyson posited that we could double NASA's budget, which would allow them to fund everything in their plans, and more. An extra 0.5 cents from each taxpayer would fund missions to the Moon and back, to Mars, and so much more. Doubling NASA's budget would literally unlock the stars, whilst only costing taxpayers one cent per year.

Space travel!!

Creating Jobs, Improving the Economy

   You may be asking, "but I don't care about NASA. Why should we even bother to fund them all? Just shut them down and give me back that half a cent!" Well that's a very naive point of view. Shame on you! But seriously, NASA is an incredibly important institution for the United States. NASA employs thousands of highly trained technical workers. Engineers, architects, statisticians, meteorologists, the works! These are some of the most important people in the country. They create the science that makes a modern society run. Without NASA, so many of them would be without jobs and America's scientific and technical edge would be compromised. But by expanding NASA and increasing its budget, there is room to hire even more of these highly skilled employees, which would in turn encourage more Americans to study these high-tech topics in school, adding to America's base of scientists and skilled people.

   NASA also outsources to a lot of American contractors. As a government institution, NASA is required to work with domestic contractors on most projects. This pumps a ton of money into the country's economy. Contractors are responsible for building things for NASA large and small, from minor parts for NASA vehicles, to entire space shuttles. Without NASA, many of these large contractors would shrivel up and die off, leaving a gaping hole in a large sector of the economy. But again, increasing NASA's budget would cause increased demand for these contractors, leading to new jobs within the contracted companies, more money being divided up into the private sector, and even room for new businesses and ventures, all of which would directly benefit America's economy.

   And let's not forget about the non-technical employees! NASA provides thousands of people with minor, yet very stable government jobs. Maintenance workers, clerks to man employee cafes, parking garage attendants, security guards, IT developers, and many more!

Creating New Technology

   NASA has always been at the forefront of technology. Launching humans into outer space pushes the envelope of our collective knowledge and evolved technology. NASA needs to create new solutions every day to solve problems dealing with space travel. And of course almost everything that is important in space has an equally valuable application down here on Earth. For example, NASA famously invented Teflon to be used in space vehicles due to its heat resistant properties. Well, they didn't really invent it, but they did use it and subsequently popularized it. But of course we don't use Teflon on our earthbound vehicles. We use it for cooking. A heat resistant non-stick material is obviously a very useful, and has made quite a bit of money for American companies. NASA regularly researches and invents new materials and other devices and techniques which can then be used by Americans. And with an American patent, it can be sold around the world to bring a lot more money into the American economy.

Sparking Creativity

   NASA not only invents and creates new technology, it inspires people to be creative and inventive all around the world. During the 70's after the first successful moon landing, children dreamed of becoming astronauts. They trained and studied science to aspire to this new and glamorous dream. But with the space program dwindling, children are less interested in the wonders of science and technology. This leads to fewer scientists and less American technological advancements.

   So NASA really is a powerhouse of American invention, innovation, and job creation. Doubling NASA's budget would come at a minimal cost for American taxpayers, but would return enormous benefits, the effects of which would last for decades.

David The Expert

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